API Jamming – concrete contribution every time

apiops-logo-white-bgAPIOps community has started with having traditional meetups, where people tell war stories around APIs. Well, not much even that since we are a newly established community which has had only two meetups so far. Anyway, we already got bored. API people are fast moving species. We want action!

Therefore we decided today, that instead of having stage shows, we want to have team shows and Jams.

Idea is to use open source APInf API -management platform as playground for ideas and visions. Why APInf?

  • It’s based on open source API Umbrella, which has a few paid developers in the States.
  • APInf is API Umbrella UX with steroids. In other words, UX is rewritten on top of Meteor and it’s open source (available in Github). And guess what? The UX is also developer by paid development team.

Wait! This gets even better. The two teams work together! We can’t have a better situation for community to partner with. Furthermore, API -management is one key element in APIOps design driven concept and therefore it makes sense to work around that. Of course we can do other things as well.


API Jam every month

Anyway, the idea is to organize Mini API Jams every month. Instead of talking, we implement, design, create concepts and do stuff! Intention is to create a roadmap for 6 months and in every Jam select a feature which community wants to see in the APInf platform and hack around it.

We can select items to hack from the product backlog or have our own ideas. APInf team can make the backlog public and we as community can vote for the top features. Of course there are features which we as more or less volunteers want to leave alone and in the hands of paid developers.

Jam was selected over hackathon because it does not make connotation to hard core coding. Instead it’s more relaxed sounding word.

From new features to low hanging fruits

The options are limited for Jams and people participating. If the feature is totally new, it might make sense to focus on defining the feature with user stories, do some concepts or draw mockups. In some cases the feature might be so called low hanging fruit, something relatively easy to hack with. It’s obvious that Jamming is not just about coding, but we need people with different skill sets. That opens up opportunities for all to participate and have fun.

Concrete contribution every time

Since all components are open source and available all the time for everyone, we can start working when ever we want. In some cases we will not be able to finish work during the Jam. That’s fine. We  commit what we have. Aim is to have something concrete to push upstream every time.

We will start API Jamming in October. See more details from Meetup.com




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