Leaving Ministry of Education and Culture Feb 1st for a while to live startup life

First of all, I have enjoyed working with you all during the past three years. I came to public sector from startup life December 2013. It has been a journey full of surprises and learning! I started as project manager – under the guidance of Minister Kiuru. That project resulted to EduCloud Alliance which has managed to create technical interoperability in education sector and keep all major players around same table.

After that I was lured to stay in Ministry as Development Manager. In that position I have had the privilege to ignite campfires in multiple fronts (my favourite task). Here’s a few which have burned permanent mark in my brain:

  • Creation of EduCloud Alliance standard version 1. This was a major step! De facto standard with open source reference implementations.
  • REST API support to X-Road together with Andres Kütt and Petteri Kivimäki. Code is in Github 🙂
  • APIKA – open source based developer friendly REST API management (together with Population Register Centre and Helsinki Region Transport)
  • I have acted as X-Road ambassador in Finland (nominated by Janne Viskari, thanks for it!). In addition acted as general public sector API ambassador.
  • MPASS.id – national SSO service for K12 education has been developed and going live Sept 2017. Also used in Estonia.
  • Learning analytics and AI market kickoff has been planned in co-operation with Ministry of Finance.

Now it’s time for change.  I’m leaving Ministry of Education and Culture beginning of February 2017. I will be absent from Ministry until the end of 2017. This step down from Development Manager was planned from day one. I will return to private sector and work with API economy related business and community development.

I will go back to my roots and join startup  life (as employee this time). Reason for this absence of leave is to keep up my skills and pioneer spirit which is needed in creating new agile practices in public sector. Have no fear, you will be in good hands!

I have managed to build awesome Digital Team in our department in Ministry with the help of others. We have planted the seed of agile & open development in our department. Better yet, team and upper management think alike. In addition we have opened up our practices and nowadays we do close and frequent cooperation (openly) with other sectors and Ministries. We have also established excellent cooperation with Estonia and Denmark. Special thanks goes to our Estonian and Danish friends!

One of the key players with me has been Tero Huttunen, who will take over Digital Team management in the Ministry.  He is your primary contact starting Feb 1st 2017. We have initiated transfer of tacit knowledge already in December 2016. Tero will have a sidekick working with him. My tasks and duties will be divided inside the team before my leave. For those concerned about MPASS.id, the new product owner will make introduction in http://mpass.fi beginning of Feb, have no fear!

If you come to Tampere, or want to chat about API economy, let’s go for a lunch or coffee! You’ll find me from Twitter https://twitteri.com/kyyberi

P.S. This is the last post in this blog. New posts with different focus can be found from Medium: https://medium.com/@kyyberi.



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